Our Services we offer

Client Collaboration

  • If required for your business, Cambev will join your team and work with you from the concept phase of a project and collaborate with you from the very first step. Once we have joined a project, we become fully committed to being hands-on partners in the process and will work with you towards our common goal.
  • The early inclusion of the Cambev team in your project insures that there is a complete understanding of what is required from both parties. Furthermore, you as a client will benefit from the knowledge that Cambev brings to your business..
  • Cambev will undertake any project, large or small, and will allocate personnel to suit the project size and need of the client.
  • Cambev will tackle projects in any location. Our vast experience in the industry and as a result of working in different countries, we have a full understanding of the challenges of operating in difficult environments. We are able to navigate through these challenges so that you don’t have to.
  • Cambev understands that customer relationships are key to the success of a project. To ensure positive relationships throughout the project, we make certain that there’s a good fit between our key staff and our clients.

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Industry Experience

  • Experience gives us the confidence to tackle any project and our managers have proven track records in the industry.
  • Charles Mason is the key Client Contact and is an experienced Project Manager who has worked in numerous countries on various Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Projects. Working with him will be a suitably qualified support team.
  • We thrive on Turnkey Projects such as the Design, Management and Installation of a Beverage Plants but are equally excited to take on any other Engineering and Technical work from Machine Manufacture to Productivity Improvement Projects.

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Single Point of Contact

Cambev will undertake the complete project for you, including:

  • Scope Document
    • Executive Summary
    • Project Plan
    • Budget
  • Justifications
  • Financial and Commercial
  • Required Statuatary Approvals
    • Local Government and Municipal
    • Enviromential Impact Assessments
  • Design
    • Civil
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Process
  • Project Management
    • Management
    • Reporting
    • Financial Control
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
    • Performance Testing
    • Final Handover

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Additional Services

Cambev is willing and able to offer assistance in the Supply Chain, Technical and Manufacturing Sectors. Examples of our services are -

  • Productivity Improvement Programs to increase output and lower cost
  • Problem Solving within the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Environments
  • Capacity studies based on sales forecasts and long term planning.
  • Equipment selection and sourcing thereof
  • Procurement Services

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